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Summer isn’t the only time you can enjoy your boat on the water. It also isn’t the only time you and your passengers need to stay water-safe.

It doesn’t matter if you have a boat which only fits two people and some fishing gear or you are driving a large boat with enough space for your family and friends, it’s important that everybody on board enjoys their adventure and time safely.

How to Stay Safe on the Water

If you are looking for a bit of a refresher when it comes to marine safety, below are some great tips from Wicked Good Oil which can help you and your passengers stay safe on the water.

Listen to the Weather

It doesn’t matter if you like it or not, the weather can and will dictate whether you and your passengers are going to enjoy a day out on the water or if you’re going to be staying safe in your home.

Before you head out - or even before you plan a few days in advance, check the forecasted weather conditions to make sure it’s going to be safe on the water. After all, it just takes a swell or choppy conditions to send you or your passengers overboard and into danger.

If you aren’t able to speak with your local coast guard, check through a range of weather monitoring websites which can help you plan.

Who’s the Boss?

No, we aren’t talking about the hit 80’s TV series (was there ever an episode on a boat?), we’re talking about who is in charge on the boat should you run into danger or an emergency. 

Keep in mind that this person doesn’t have to be the one driving the boat, it just has to be *one* person who is designated to handle emergencies. Before you all head out, have a quick chat and agree on who everybody will listen to should an emergency strike. This is the easiest way to keep everybody following the same instructions in an emergency and to help keep the calm.

In addition to these tips, it’s important that your boat is in good working order. If you don’t keep up with regular maintenance then it could be the boat itself which causes an emergency.  Click here to buy AMSOIL 10W-30 Synthetic Marine Engine Oil or to find out more, speak with Wicked Good Oil at (904) 483-7979 and learn about the best products for your engine. While you’re at it, ask about products which can help your towing vehicle too, like your truck and even grease for your trailer.

How to Act in Common Emergencies

In addition to knowing who to listen to in an emergency, it’s also a good idea to give everybody a brief rundown of what to do in the event of common emergencies, such as somebody falling overboard or even a leak occuring.

By giving this information to your passengers prior to it happening, it can not only help to keep the calm but can also result in resolving an emergency quickly.

Life Jackets

Here’s a simple rule to follow: If there isn’t a life jacket for every person on board, then there isn’t space for everybody on board. Like it or not, life jackets are the single most important safety item on your boat and can be the difference between a small emergency and a serious one.

When allocating life jackets it’s important to remember that children’s and adults jacket aren’t interchangeable. This means that you can’t give an adult a child's life jacket and vice versa. The best way to ensure you have a life jacket for everybody is to, well, ensure you have one for everybody! Simply counting your passenger numbers a few days in advance is the easiest way. If you don’t have enough with you, hire some from your local marine store.

Don’t Drink and Boat

Whether it’s a day out fishing or even a large party, the urge to drink alcohol is going to be there. And while it’s okay to have one or two drinks, similar to the way you may before you drive, it’s equally important that you don’t drink too much. A gauge to use is the same one you use to decide whether you are safe to drive your car or not.

Whether it’s limiting the amount you drink during the day or simply spacing out your drinks to safely enjoy the day in its entirety, be sure that you are watching what you drink. Why? Because, despite what you might think, if you have had too much to drink then you are not only less able to handle an emergency but it can greatly reduce your ability to swim or even tread water if you need to.

Give Your Boat a Synthetic Oil Change in Everett, WA

Just like you keep your car’s engine in good shape with a synthetic oil change in Everett, WA, so too can your boat benefit from the same task. However, the products you use for your car aren’t compatible with your boat’s engine.To find out which products are best suited to your boat, check out the online store or speak with an expert at Wicked Good Oil by calling (904) 483-7979 to find out more.

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